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Taipalsaari Scenic Cycling Route

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  • Cycle path along lake
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  • / Toijansalmi bridge
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  • / Lappeenranta fortress
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  • / Pumping station in Vehkalahti
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  • / Taipalsaari Village Beach
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  • / Taipalsaari Church
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  • / Kuivaketvele Hillfort
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m 150 100 50 60 50 40 30 20 10 km Putronniemen kotimuseo Luukkaansalmen silta Konstun uimapaikka Nisosen kosteikko Taipalsaaren kirkko Lauritsalan kirkko Riutan laavu Toijansalmen silta Röytyn kotiseututalo Kuren laavu
If you like water views, then head towards Taipalsaari! Taipalsaari is an archipelago municipality, which offers great bicycle routes starting from Taipalsaari or Lappeenranta.
Distance 68.1 km
6:30 h
170 m
170 m

The causeway between Taipalsaari and Lappeenranta opens out to amazing Saimaa views, and is also one of Finland’s most beautiful roads. It can be cycled along a surfaced cycling path, but elsewhere on this route you must cycle at the edge of a car road, and there is also a stretch of dirt road.

You can choose from two route options: The length of the Vehkataipale tour is approximately 50 km, the second route that is 50 kilometres longer, and it circulates via the villages of Rehula and Levänen. The route is suitable for all kinds of cyclists, and if you wish you can stay a night on the scenic route during your journey, either in Lappeenranta or Taipalsaari.

Author’s recommendation

Target groups: active cyclists, occasional cyclists, families

Route surfacing: the route has 5-10 km of dirt road depending on the selected route.

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Update: September 08, 2021
Highest point
114 m
Lowest point
67 m
Best time of year

Safety information

Surface material on the route: asphalt, dirt road

Before the excursion, it is advisable to check the weather forecast.

Always wear clothes to suit the weather.

In an emergency, dial the number 112. Report your location, what has happened and listen to the instructions.

Outdoor Safety in Finland

Road Safety for Cyclists

Tips and hints

If you are keen to pedal, you can add a visit to the amazing Sarviniemi, a Saimaa Geopark site. This will increase the trip by 24 km, the road is surfaced.


Railway Station in Lappeenranta (or Lappeenranta harbor or Taipalsaari municipality) (101 m)
61.062547, 28.234599
61°03'45.2"N 28°14'04.6"E
35V 566640 6770382


Return to starting point

Turn-by-turn directions

The Vehkataipale route is considered an extremely beautiful bicycle route. In addition to the previously mentioned Taipalsaari causeway, two high bridges and Vehkataipale's pump station bridge that pass over the water are crossed on the route. Along the routes, you will have the chance to admire the Southern Karelian countryside. The cultural landscape together with its fields and buildings provide diversity to forest nature, and the lake landscapes freshen the cyclists’ minds.

If you haven’t previously visited the area of the Lappeenranta Fortress, it is worth spending some time there at the end of your journey. The fortress’s museums, exhibitions, restaurants, cafes, events and boutiques entice visitors around the year. The Lappeenranta Fortress is part of the fortress chain built by the Russians at the end of the 1700s to protect St. Petersburg, which are known as the Suvorov fortresses, which are named after Russian General Alexandr Suvorov, who was responsible for their construction.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


The starting point of the route is Lappeenranta Travel Center, which can be reached by train and bus.

You can check train (VR) schedules here.

You can check the bus (Matkahuolto) schedules here.

Getting there

Lappeenranta Travel Center: Ratakatu 23, 53100 Lappeenranta.


There are paid parking spaces for longer parking in the Lappeenranta Travel Center area, as well as free parking spaces for temporary parking.


61.062547, 28.234599
61°03'45.2"N 28°14'04.6"E
35V 566640 6770382
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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68.1 km
6:30 h
170 m
170 m
Public-transport-friendly Circular route Scenic Refreshment stops available Insider tip


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