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Wetland and Limestone Cycling Tour, Lappeenranta

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This cyclin route is an excellent option for cyclists going on a half-day trip, if they wish to explore the limestone terrains and rare wetland sites of Lappeenranta.
Distance 25.5 km
3:30 h
35 m
61 m

From the city centre of Lappeenranta is just a small distance to the natural environment. South of Lappeenranta is an  limestone area, exceptional in South Karelia, which is mined for industrial needs. On the route you can amaze at the Nordkalk quarry, where Nordkalk has, in addition to the mine, a milling plant. The Lappeenranta mine is the only mining site in Europe to extract rare wollastonite minerals.

1/3 of Finland's surface area is bog / swamp. In South Karelia the area the percentage of bog is lower, so the protected Hämmäauteensuo (bog), which is on the route is so interesting destination. You can walk on duckboards across the bog to the lean shelter, rest there and have picnic you carried. However, it is not wise to try a cycle on the duckboards, better leave the bike at the road and lock it carefully.

Author’s recommendation

Target groups: adventurous cyclists, nature enthusiasts, families

There is also a dirt road along the route.

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82 m
Lowest point
48 m
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Safety information

Target groups: adventurous cyclists, nature lovers and families

Route surfacing partly on sandy roads


Surface material on the route: asphalt, gravel road. 

There are about 14 kilometres of gravel roads along this route.

Before the excursion, it is advisable to check the weather forecast. Always wear clothes to suit the weather. It is recommended that you take first aid equipment, rainwear, a spare set of clothes, as well as enough drinks and snacks with you. 

In an emergency, dial the number 112. Report your location, what has happened and listen to the instructions.

Outdoor Safety in Finland

Road Safety for Cyclists


Tips and hints

Take picnic lunch and drinks with you to the route!


Railway station in Lappeenranta (80 m)
61.048984, 28.194427
61°02'56.3"N 28°11'39.9"E
35V 564499 6768831


Railway station in Lappeenranta

Turn-by-turn directions

The route starts at Lappeenranta railway station (Lappeenranta's travel centre) where it first heads towards the district of Ihalainen.

The surface area of the limestone mine’s open quarry is approximately 40 hectares. Its width is 700 metres, length 1.5 kilometres and depth 150 metres. Approximately two million tonnes of stone are annually quarried, and at the current consumption it will be sufficient for at least 200 years. The quarry operations in the area of Ihalainen began at small-scale in the 1500s. The main products of the quarry are limestone, limestone powders and wollastonite, which are produced for the needs of the paper industry. Even at a global scale, Southern Karelia is one of the most significant forestry areas. At the edge of the quarry area, there is an observation tower, where there are magnificent views to the turquoise-coloured mining pool.

The route continues from the quarry towards Hämmäauteensuo, which is a rare wetland site in Southern Karelia. This is an intriguing spot in nature, where the rush of everyday life is forgotten. Hämmäsauteensuo is a ombrotrophic raised bog, which consists of forested swampland and treeless wet swamp.

You should leave your bicycle at the side of the road 'Vanha Viipurintie', because it is difficult to bicycle with duckboards. There is a picnic area at the end of the duckboards that cross the wetland from the lean-to shelter, and you can either return along the same route or along the path that runs next to the wetland. The length of the path is approx. 1.5 kilometres.

From Hämmäauteensuo, the route continues back to the centre of Lappeenranta, where cyclists can find a diverse selection of accommodation and restaurant services!


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


The starting point of the route is Lappeenranta Travel Center, which can be reached by train and bus.

You can check train (VR) schedules here.

You can check the bus (Matkahuolto) schedules here.

Getting there

Lappeenranta Travel Center: Ratakatu 23, 53100 Lappeenranta.


There are paid parking spaces for longer parking in the Lappeenranta Travel Center area, as well as free parking spaces for temporary parking.


61.048984, 28.194427
61°02'56.3"N 28°11'39.9"E
35V 564499 6768831
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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25.5 km
3:30 h
35 m
61 m
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