Suvorov Project

Generalissimus Suvorov – the tourist attraction!

The Aleksander Suvorov themed Tourism Development Project has been approved for funding by the CBC South East Finland – Russia Program. The project will run from 1.2.2020 to 31.7.2022 with a total budget of 1 359 455e. The South Karelia Foundation for Recreation Areas is the main partner and represents the municipalities of South Karelia.

Other partners on the Finnish side: the municipality of Puumala, which represents the South Savo region, the Southeastern Finland Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and Transport Infrastructure Agency. Russian partners include the Leningrad Region Tourist Information Center, the Leningrad Region Museum, the ITMO
University and the Vyborg Business Support Center.

The oldest canals in Finland can be found in southern Saimaa, built by Generalissimus Alexander Suvorov in the 1790s. The history of these Suvorov channels (Kutvele, Käyhkää, Kukonharju and Telataipale) and Alexander Suvorov, the undefeated war hero in Russia, are not very well known in Finland.

Suvorov canals and fortifications along the Russian border!

The Suvorov route consists of canals and fortifications that were equipped to protect Russia’s western border against Sweden. The aim of the project is to make tourist use of the Suvorov route, to develop the recreational facilities of the sites and to raise the awareness of the people of the area. The Russian partner ITMO University runs a web site on Alexander Suvorov’s life and objects, published in three languages (Finnish-English-

The development of tourism in Saimaa is moving towards the diversification of service offerings and the development of different packages. One of the platforms is Saimaa Geopark, where the Suvorov canals and fortresses are located. They are also named Geopark destinations. The route is being developed as a tourist entity together with
Russians, who will bring both Suvorov-related expertise and new destinations to the project. After the project, inspired by Suvorov, you can explore both sides of the border. The long-term goal is to build the Suvorov route into one of the Council of Europe’s cultural routes.

The project will launch a new cross-border event tourism and create a unified cultural-historical route “Suvorov routes”, from Russia through Finland to Central Europe. The project promotes thematic cultural and nature tourism in south-eastern Finland and the Leningrad region, exploiting the potential of the Suvorov route.

The project also includes plans for a bridge crossing the Käyhkää Canal on Puumalantie road and a boat fairway from Saimaa to Vuoksi past Tainionkoski. Virtual technology provides a new kind of tourism experience for travelers.

The implementation is carried out in accordance with the CBC program in cooperation between Finnish and Russian partners. In addition, studies and plans are being prepared for the further realization of the Suvorov waterways, which will allow for later diversification of production. After a project being planned, inspired by Suvorov, you can explore both sides of the border. The long-term goal is to build the Suvorov route into one
of the Council of Europe’s cultural routes.

Events and product tests will bring tourism income to the municipalities of the area already during the project. Routes and tourism products to be produced and cross-border cooperation networks will remain at the disposal of local actors after the project.

Additional information:

Managing director Hanna Ollikainen 040 823 5105

Project manager Soile Lehtinen 040 732 5778